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THE HOOPAS - Welcome to a whole new world!

An Impactful Web3 project

But what makes the Hoopas so special as a Web3 project? The Hoopas are the next generation of Web3 projects with high scalability potential, relatability to onboard new people to Web3, and inspiration for the masses. They offer technical systems that revolutionize many processes in the Web3 space, making them a must-have for anyone interested in the future of the industry.

The Hoopas are the first project from 3PIXLStudio, a Web3 startup that has been on a mission for over a year, working full-time to revolutionize the NFT and Web3 space sustainably. With an alliance of experts from diverse fields, the Hoopas can spread across different markets and scale products.You have the chance to join this influential movement early and be a part of something big. The Hoopas will become a widely known IP with origins in the Web3 space. Now you have the opportunity to become part of an influential movement and profit from it early.

So, are you ready to join the Hoopas world? Be yourself, embrace your uniqueness, and have a blast with these fascinating characters.

Welcome to a whole new world! Welcome to the Hoopas!

What are the Hoopas like?

What are the Hoopas like?
Well, it's hard to describe them. They can be crazy, funny, weird, quick-tempered, over-motivated, silly, smart, clumsy, cute, friendly, gullible.... See? It all depends on which Hoopa you have in front of you, but in the end, they are just incomparable.

Each Hoopa is unique and incomparable, with a personality that ranges from crazy to cute and everything in between. They may be a little annoying at first, but once you get to know them, you'll love them for their limitless and completely free nature. And that's what we want you to be: Like an Hoopa, be yourself and inspire others to do the same.

But what are the Hoopas actually?

Well, that's where it gets deep. The Hoopas are not your typical NFT project. They are a fascinating group of characters that bring the change the Web3 space needs. They appeal to those waiting for a project to ignite their passion and those who want to see NFTs rise to their full potential. The Hoopas value community and connection, making them more than just another NFT project. These unique characters represent values that are essential in life and in this space, and their naturalness is inspiring. But they are also hilarious and entertain any audience, regardless of age or NFT interest.

Join a world that inspires

Welcome to a whole new world! No one knows where the Hoopas came from, but these unique characters burst out of their white box and flipped our world upside down, leaving an unforgettable mark on history. In this world, being yourself is everything. Everyone constantly tries to pretend to be what others want them to be without realizing that the most special version of yourself exists simply by being yourself. The Hoopas are a prime example of staying true to oneself. They are different, special, and embrace their uniqueness without reservation. And you can do the same. So, let's dive into the Hoopas' world, where having fun is the name of the game.

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