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Tribe Lounge - Daily Quests

Wen Wen Wen?

At the time of this journal's publication, the first daily quest will be available tomorrow. Any member of a tribe can participate, and each completed quest will earn points for your personal profile and tribe. The entire tribe account system will be launched tomorrow, so make sure you choose the right tribe. Remember that it's not easy to switch tribes, so choose wisely. Many of you have already chosen their tribe. Your tribe is counting on you to show your best performance and make them proud! So, let's do the daily quests and make it worthwhile! Remember the tribe acts as a team and every individual performance is important for the bigger picture.

More than just competition

It's not just about the prizes or the glory, though. Completing these daily tasks is a powerful bonding experience that brings you and your tribe closer together. To get started, all you have to do is create a Tribe Lounge account, and the rest is easy. The tribe account system has extensive features to track your achievements for you and your tribe. On the website, you'll find the task of each Daily Quest along with a detailed explanation. Each Quest is unique, with its own set of tasks, prizes, and points to be won, and they're designed to be quick and easy to complete. Think of them as small tribe games that can give your tribe the competitive edge it needs to win big! In the end you want your tribe to be on top of that leaderboard!

Introduction to the Daily Quests

Welcome to the exhilarating daily quests of the Hoopas! The first of a series of exciting features is finally upon us, as tomorrow we will introduce the Daily Quests and the Tribe Account System. From now on, every day will bring new challenges and we are proud to introduce the Daily Quest feature. This feature is the next step for our innovative gamified community system. These quests will be available every day or every other day in the Tribe Lounge. By participating in these daily quests, you'll have the opportunity to give your tribe the edge it needs to emerge victorious, and even win amazing prizes like WL spots for the Hoopas and much more! Not only can the upcoming Tribe Games earn Tribe points, but so can the Daily Quests. The most motivated Tribe members can get the points they need for themselves and your Tribe here! Who will be the best in your tribe?

Are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure? Tomorrow, the new Daily Quests feature will be introduced on the official Hoopa website. Every day you can log in to the Tribe Lounge with your account and complete the Daily Quests and climb that leaderboard. Finding the Daily Quests is quite easy. You can navigate to the Tribe Lounge on the Hoopas website and select the Daily Quests. Now you are ready to go!

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