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A groundbreaking art collection

Generation & Metadata

The generation was something special. Complex trait matching was necessary. To understand, each character has its own traits that need to be generated to complete the picture. That would have been manageable, but in addition, each character also has various silhouettes that only match certain expressions. Traits from other categories change depending on the chosen silhouette, expression, and so on. We could have added many more chapters to this article and told you about the incredible effort involved in creating these Hoopas. But without going into further detail, it is clear that the Hoopas will be a collection that will make NFT history.


The perfect PFP. The Hoopas not only encompass everything described above but due to their proportions, position in the frame, and, most importantly, their lifelike emotions, they create an incredibly expressive PFP (profile picture). Never before has there been a collection that realistically and diversely portrayed emotions, especially not in 2D. By separating the mouth and eye expressions and considering the combination of both, a Hoopa can embody any imaginable expression and emotion. The further you scroll through the collection, the more you will discover. You will love it.


Collectors and nostalgia enthusiasts will not only have an unforgettable experience with the complete reveal mechanism but will also realize that the Hoopas can be collected in various ways. The rarities are diverse and different. Will you collect based on tribes, characters, or maybe traits? Or will you try to collect beyond categories? The rarities always behave differently. There's still a lot for you to discover here.

Color Scheme Adaptation

This feature makes the Hoopas collection look more cohesive than any previous collection. Each of the thousands of NFTs looks good and harmonious. This is almost impossible. How did we achieve this with the Hoopas?

After adjusting all the traits to fit the form, position, and size of each character, we took it a step further to create an even more diverse yet cohesive collection. Each trait was then adapted to match the color scheme of each character. What does that mean? Torch's traits have a different color scheme than Liko's traits. If they had the same color scheme, there would be no visual harmony. Such a level of color coordination has never been seen in any collection before.

Tailored Traits

We're all familiar with it. A collection has a trait, and it gets used and layered throughout the collection. It always looks the same. With the Hoopas, it's much more exciting and complex. There is a trait that applies to all/multiple characters, but not in the same way. Each trait has been individually adjusted and tailored to the shape and proportions of each character. So, each trait was not only designed once but in some cases up to 22 times.


You already know this. The Hoopas consist of 22 different characters, each with a completely different appearance. Each character has been newly conceptualized, designed, and crafted. Each character has its own recognizable color scheme. From an artistic perspective, this makes the collection incredibly versatile. You've never seen this much variety in a collection before.

The Hoopas are unique characters that will gain significance, depth, and personality in the further development of the project. The boundaries are undefinable. But let's focus only on the artistic aspect of the Hoopas for now. Why are the Hoopas one of the most elaborate and comprehensive collections in the entire space? Well, there are several reasons.

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