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There is more to it - a new platform!

An Outlook on the Future of the Platform

This new platform serves as a hub for the Hoopa NFT universe. You'll be able to interact with and utilize your NFTs on this platform in various ways. It all begins with Reveal Phase 1, continues with Phase 2, and extends to many future features. The next concept and further additions for the platform have already been finalized and await development and execution. The Hoopas ecosystem will keep evolving and improving, while Holders of Hoopa NFTs being rewarded throughout the journey.

We can't wait to introduce the new platform and its upcoming features to all of you!

1.4 The Shiny Crystal

The fourth NFT is also minted at the moment you open your box...well, if you are lucky enough. There are only a maximum of 90 Crystal NFTs available in total and 80 will be randomly distributed in the boxes. The other 10 will be raffled amongst Banana Holders.

1.3 The Assembler

These NFTs are also freshly minted as soon as you pull it out of your box if you are lucky. With a total of 2000 assembler NFTs, this items is quite rare and powerful. 1667 assemblers are distributed among the boxes and the remaining 333 are distributed to each banana.

1.2 The Power-Up NFTs

Once your box becomes your Tribe, another NFT is minted, creating a new collection: the Power-Ups. There are a total of 15k Power-Ups, and each box can contain between one and three of them. Which of the 6 different Power Ups you will receive is random and you will only be able to find out about it if you open your box. So, even if you revealed the U'wa Tribe, it doesn't guarantee that you'll receive the U'wa Power-Up. You could also get the Spark Power-Up or the Kapu Power-Up. That's the thrill of it!

1.1 Your Tribe

Your tribe is revealed through a metadata update. The metadata of your box will be updated once you click the "open" button and will reveal itself visually. The supply of each tribe varies and is based on the number of characters in each tribe. The U'wa Tribe, with six members, is the most common, while the Zap Tribe, with two members, is the rarest. The Rarity of each tribe is connected to the amount of characters each tribe has.

Reveal Phase 1: The Structure

As you may know, Reveal Phase 1 is a comprehensive system designed to provide a seamless and enjoyable box-opening experience for end users. However, there were some obstacles that had to be overcome to make this possible especially in the backend. So, how are these four different NFTs created? Here's some insight into their structure.


With Reveal Phase 1, you'll not only be able to open your boxes but also experience a whole new platform where Hoopas will thrive, and where you can interact extensively with your Hoopa NFTs. It's new, different, and exciting - that's the motto of the platform and its upcoming features. But before we delve into the future features, let's take a closer look at the first feature, Reveal Phase 1, from a technical standpoint.

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