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The Hoopa Tribes


The Kook are very special. They don't fit into any tribe and break the norm in every possible way. No tribe wanted to accept them, and every attempt to include them went horribly wrong. Instead of continuing to be lonely outsiders, they came together and formed their own tribe. Thus, the 6th tribe - the Kook - was born.


The Zap Tribe is the most energetic tribe of the Hoopas. A member of the Zap tribe can't sit still and relax. They are the exact opposite of the Kapu. The Zap take action instead of just watching, sometimes even rashly. The Zaps are always under tension, which may be why they are the smallest tribe of the Hoopas. It's just not for everyone!


The Spark Tribe is like the football team among the Hoopas. They are admired and radiate a certain coolness. However, don't be fooled by the Spark. They love to exploit their reputation and can be quite mischievous. They mean no harm to anyone, though. It's just their way of having fun. The Spark aren't evil, but they enjoy their status and live life to the fullest.


The Kapu are relaxed and live their lives without being influenced by the outside world. Their biggest fear is stress, so they simply ignore it. The tribe members embody serenity and live by the motto: "What you can do today, you can do tomorrow." In their words, "Do it tomorrow and just relax, man."


The Duro tribe is the toughest of the Hoopas, in the truest sense of the word. The Duro Hoopas consist exclusively of mineral formations, which may not be known on Earth yet. The Duro tribe has a very interesting mixture of different personalities, making it one of the most entertaining tribes.


The U'wa represent the plant species of the Hoopas. They consider themselves a warrior tribe, but they are not as dangerous as you might expect. The only one who really believes they are a warrior tribe is probably Liko. With 6 members, the U'wa are the largest and most diverse tribe of the Hoopas.

Tribe Introduction

The Hoopas comprise of six distinct tribes, each consisting of members with similar attributes. Although they belong to the same family, the tribes are in constant competition with each other in various disciplines during the tribe games.

Being a part of a tribe means being loyal and giving your all for your tribe, as they are considered your family. So, which tribe will you choose to belong to?

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