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Tribe Lounge - Introducing the Tribe Store

When and how will the whole Tribe Lounge be released?

Hold onto your seats, because within the next few days, you can expect a wave of thrilling new features such as the Tribe Games, Daily Quests, and the Leaderboard, that will ignite your passion and push your skills to the limit. More details on how the Tribe Games, Daily Quests, and the account system of the Tribe Lounge will work will be available soon, so stay tuned!

Get ready to be swept away into the world of the Hoopas! A magical and inspiring place.

How do i enter the Tribe Lounge?

It's breathtakingly simple! Go to the 3PIXL website, which you're already on if you're reading this journal. Navigate to Hoopas and select Tribe Lounge from the submenu. Make sure to read this journal from beginning to end, savoring every word, before immersing yourself in the Tribe Lounge. Now, just select your tribe and browse your tribe store. The more successful your tribe becomes, the more items you will unlock for your tribe and they will be available for download. Initially, each tribe has the starter content, but with your unwavering dedication, your tribe can rise to greatness!

The setup for your Tribe account will be explained and released with the next feature.

The Tribe Store

The Tribe Store is a magical place where you can stock up on tribe gear. Whether it's tribe-specific banners, mobile wallpapers, PFPs, memes, posts, and more, the Tribe Store is where you will find everything you need to become a revered and celebrated member of your tribe, and showcase your passion to the world. The better your tribe performs in the Daily Quests and Tribe Games, the more you will get out of it, and the more incredible items your tribe will unlock in the store. So, pour your heart and soul into your tribe and watch it flourish!

Check out the Tribe Lounge and get ready to be swept away into the world of the Hoopas!


We are absolutely thrilled to introduce the newest addition to the Hoopas website: The Tribe Lounge! The Tribe Lounge is the place where all Hoopas can fully immerse themselves in their tribe. The Tribe Lounge will host exhilarating Tribe Games and Daily Quests, where you can prove your loyalty and skill to earn points for your tribe. You can also view the Tribe Leaderboard and visit your own Tribe Store. With today's release, we are excited to unveil the entire Tribe Lounge, but especially the Tribe Store feature!

For the best interface, open Tribe Lounge from a desktop PC or laptop.

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