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"HOOP HOOP... oh, I didn't see you coming, but I'm glad you're here."


"I am Liko and I am your guide for today. At least that's what the producer told me to tell you. They probably just wanted the best Hoopa to open the show. I don't think I'm really some kind of tour guide or anything. I could be, don't get me wrong. I could be anything, to be completely honest, but... whatever."  

"Just go on, scroll and explore the fascinating world of the Hoopas!"

We do things a little differently here. With the Hoopas, we're breaking boundaries in every way, redefining the limits of what an NFT project can be. An Hoopa NFT is more than just a token. It's an experience from start to finish because we understand the power of a native web3 community combined with a project that ignites passion, creates relatable characters, and offers unique experiences. Web3 and NFTs is our superpower that allows us to build a whole new bond between project and consumer and scale together.


From ideation to execution, we've designed this project for mass adoption from the start. Every detail has been meticulously planned and implemented to serve the bigger picture. The Hoopas didn't come out of nowhere; they were created over the course of a year with unparalleled dedication and ambition. We believe that the success of the Hoopas isn't a coincidence; it's destiny. It's the culmination of tireless work, unwavering commitment, and a deep understanding of what the community wants and needs.


Together, we'll break barriers, push boundaries, and create something truly special.




The Hoopas NFT Collection is breaking boundaries. To create a timeless NFT Collection, we pushed it to the limit to create an entirely new art style that's unparalleled in its complexity, variety and expression. The art is thought out and perfected down to the smallest detail, allowing us to create an incredibly emotional representation of the Hoopas. It's 2D but creates the illusion of a 3D art piece. We will make history.


For the first time, emotions and expressions are expressed in a much stronger and more authentic way. For example we don't just replace the mouth to represent an expression; we also adjust the head shape and proportions, bringing a new kind of authenticity to all the emotions. And this is not made through a facial rig like it would be with 3D art; each line is hand-drawn again and again. Each trait is custom-made for each of the 22 completely different characters, resulting in unprecedented variation of this collection.


This is the next level of Character IPs, born in the Web3 and NFT space. But that's not all... In addition you will own all the rights for your character. It's a feature that holds immeasurable power. Although some may not yet grasp the potential of this revolutionary feature, its impact will soon be realized. Imagine owning all the rights to your own Mickey Mouse, Minion or Pokemon. Do you now understand the magnitude of this opportunity? This is the future, and the Hoopas are paving the way.


Liko is already preparing his list and he is very picky!

Better be there early and make a good impression on Liko.



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We approached the creation of our NFT collection by aiming to produce more than just art. Our NFTs represent characters with diverse personalities, abilities, and traits. We recognize the importance of genuine character development, and as such, our most creative minds dedicated countless hours to crafting a unique dynamic within the Hoopas' Tribes and each individual character. The Hoopas have a profound story that embodies inspiring and authentic values, relatable humor, and an endearing demeanor. This establishes an unbreakable bond between the characters and their supporters. The world of Hoopas is magical and provides fresh opportunities to explore their story and universe. Together, we can make a positive impact on an entire generation. The potential is genuine, and all that is required to envision the possibilities.


The world of Hoopas offers limitless possibilities for creativity, imagination, and storytelling. It inspires us to think beyond the bounds of traditional art with forms and to explore new ways of expression through NFTs and web3. By creating a universe filled with relatable characters, authentic values, and meaningful experiences, we hope to inspire a generation of artists, thinkers, and dreamers. The possibilities that Hoopas creates are truly inspiring, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this magical world.




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